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Easy Order Backing Cut to size

Easy Order Backing Cut to size

Original may be purchased by parents only

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ONE price, fully optimized backing board. Choose a size and get perfectly optimized amount cut out of a 32x40 matboard.

This is a 4 ply matboard with a standard cream core. The chart below is the size of the cut with no opening. It will fit a the same size frame (Example: 8x10 will fit an 8x10 frame). Volume and bulk order accepted with best pricing in the industry.

We have optimized each size to a 32x40 matboard to eliminate waste, passing the savings to you. We will cut a full sheet of each size and quantity you order.

Example A; If you choose a quantity of two 8x10 then you'll receive 24 cut 8x10 backing boards. You can mix and match color and size to suit you needs.

Example B: If you choose one 9x12 and two 11x14 then you'll receive NINE 9x12 backings and TWELVE 11x14 backings. 

Size Number cut per sheet (how many you'll receive
5x7 30
8x8 12
8x10 12
9x12 9
10x10 9
11x14 6
12x16 6
12x18 4
13x13 6
13x16 6
16x16 4
16x20 4
20x20 2
20x24 2

Frame Information

Included with the purchase is the Students Artwork, Frame, double matboard, shatter proof plexiglass, and a ready to hang backerboard with turnbuttons

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